Kinopravda is a network of 6 directors and several artists collaborating and working together.
We are motivated in creating value in motion picture and this is what keeping us together.
If you are interested in our vision contact us:


Directed by { Melanie Brun & Andi GV [Kinopravda]

Cinematography by {  Jean Eudes Aubouin

Producer { Greg Lecocq

Production {Cross Digital


Cinematogrphy by { Jean Eudes Aubouin
Producer { Greg Lecocq
Make up { Yvanne Rocher
Assistant director { Mathieu Perez and Valentin Peoch
Production { Cross Digital
Colorist { Domingo Olmo Martin
Second unit DP { Franck Brett
Stylist { Glen Mban
Edit { Mathias Trouvat & Aurelien Biette